Handmade Opal Jewelry®

About Amaroo Collection

At Amaroo Handmade Opal Jewelry® we design around the shape of the opal chosen for each piece. Respectful of Mother Nature we don’t have our opals cut to fit our designs. Each opal gemstone was cut to show the beautiful shapes and colors that nature created.

Our Top Pieces

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Our Ethos

At Amaroo we believe that we are not the owners of spaceship Earth – we are, at best, stewards and Mother Nature is our boss. Our children (and any future generations) will be left to deal with the poor decisions we’ve made yesterday and today. Bearing that philosophy in mind, Amaroo uses only recycled precious metals, recycled diamonds (not blood diamonds), reclaimed gemstones (which have been removed from older pieces of jewelry), and boxes made of paper and recyclable materials.

The sole exception to our process occurs when we use new Australian opals (although we have pieces that contain reclaimed opals, too). We will always look for ways to reduce waste and to maintain the quality of our hand manufacture. If there’s any way that we can sustainably reduce our waste, and our carbon footprint, we will endeavor to adapt our methods to reflect those new technologies.

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