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I am the President, resident jeweler, restorateur, and appraiser at Jewelry & Timepiece Mechanix (JMx). For over 30yrs I have operated my shop, showroom, and workshop in Historic Haddonfield, NJ. Prior to JMx I helped operate a chain of jewelry stores, owned by my family, known as Jack of Diamonds Jewelers. I have been engaged in the Jewelry, Watch, Precious metals, Gemstone, Clock, Giftware, and Appraisal business for more than 50 yrs.

My Story

Besides selling and creating jewelry and watches I have also purchased precious metal scrap and estates from the public since the mid 1970’s. It has been my privilege to have apprenticed with many fine jewelers (the first of which were Native American artisans) and to have formally trained, studied, and graduated from G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) in several areas and graduated from the Miami Jewelry Institute. I am a member in good standing of several jewelry guilds, The American Society of Jewelers and Gemologists, Jewelers of America, BBB, ethical metalsmiths guild, as well as several others. I design and create bespoke jewelry and timepieces for those who wish something unique. Many of my clients are famous artists, actors, musicians, and notables. I hold several patents in the watch and jewelry field. And I’m still learning… Amaroo is a project that came from the love of craft, fine opals, and creating items from the bounty of nature and for the pleasure of those who wish to own unique one-of-a-kind wearable art.
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