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Amaroo is an Aboriginal Australian word which means “beautiful”. Years ago my (late) sister “Sunny” travelled to Australia’s opal mines, learning from the opal miners and gem cutters, while buying opals. Upon her return she gave me some of those beautiful opals. It took me many years to find the inspiration to transform the opals into wearable art. Every piece of Amaroo Handmade Opal Jewelry ™ comes with a touch of her spirit.

Sculpted by Nature

At Amaroo Handmade Opal Jewelry ™ we design around the shape of the opal chosen for each peice. Respectful of Mother Nature we don’t have our opals cut to fit our designs. Each opal gemstone was cut to show the beautiful shapes and colors that nature created. Every Amaroo Handmade Opal Jewelry ™ item is uniquely handcrafted in solid 18k Gold & Sterling Silver, set with Australian Gem Opal, other gems, and has been hand engraved to resemble organic living trees. – Bill Green “the barefoot jeweler” designer

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Client Testimonials

"I love the Opal necklace Jack purchased from Bill! The opals are such gorgeous shades of blue they remind me of my father's blue eyes. I wear it often, and know the love you put into every piece you design."
"Always great to see my good friend, Bill and his cute puppy! His opal collection is to die for!"
"Very knowledgeable and professional, and they make you feel like you’re home !!!they have gain a Lifetime customer!"
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